• Rubber Stoppers: The rubber stoppers of the Revolution add the extra level of safety as it provides friction between the legs and the surface on which the Titan X is standing on.
  • Slip-Resistant Platforms: These aluminium platforms are specially designed with extra ridges on them to provide a more stronger and controlled surface to stand upon. This makes the customer more relaxed in working at the heights without having to think about his safety.
  • Design: The Revolution has a robust design to ensure durability and a very easy climbing experience with ample space for climbing and storing of tools
  • Transportation: The wheels at the back of the Revolution make it easily transportable, without lifting it. It’s handle makes it move around like you are dragging a suitcase and thus easier to use.


Model 2 Step 3 Step
Height 31 49
Platform Height 18 27
Step Size 14"x8" 14"x8"
Steps 2 3
Weight 6.8 kg 9.5
Approx Reach 7 8
Storage Space 30"x17"x3" 40"x19"x3"